Information of PhD candidate Ta Hoang Long’s thesis

– Title: “Generation of seed for food and mouth disease vaccine from the local isolate in Vietnam, field strain VP02 (subtype Ox)”

– PhD candidate: Ta Hoang Long

– Scientific supervisors:

1. Ass. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Viet Khong

2. Ass. Prof. Dr.  Truong Van Dung

– Field of study: Microbiology     Code: 62 62 50 10

– Institution: National Institute of Veterinary Research

New output:

1. We have determined, for the first time, a new serotype O-food and mouth virus (Fmdv) strain (VP02, subtype Ox), which was a lineage of SEA-Mya98 topotype but harboring two major properties: (i) currently circulating only in Vietnam (and possibly in the neighboring areas) and (ii) with both genetic and serological characteristics diverged from the existing typical type O strains, therefore being considered the representative of a new Vit04 topotype. This new emergence bears a high risk leading to the complication of FMD situation in Vietnam and interative region.

2. This is the first time in Vietnam, we succeded in the experimental infection of FMD for susceptible pigs, establishing the methodology to generate the disease in the controlled experimental condition, promoting future studies on the pathogenicity and development of FMD vaccine.

3. We have demonstrated, herein for the first time in Vietnam, a successful adaptation of FMD virus for a stable amplification in cell culture and satisfying the requirement of a vaccine seed. The inactivated antigen derived from this vaccine strain showed a high protective potency in the immunized pigs from challenging by the virulent origin, opening the possibility of seed generation and production of FMD vaccine from strains that have the best antigenic match to the currently circulating strain in Vietnam.

Supervisor PhD candidate
Ass. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Viet Khong Ta Hoang Long


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