New Information of PhD candidate Le Dinh Hai’s thesis

Name of the PhD candidate: Le Dinh Hai

Dissertation title: “Study on producing the recombinant vaccine for preventing diarrheal disease in pigs caused by Enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli

Major: Veterinary Parasitology and Microbiology

Code number: 964 01 04


1. Vo Thanh Thin, Ph.D

2. Vu Khac Hung, Ph.D

Educational institute: National Institute of Veterinary Research


– We found that the nucleotide sequences of genes encoding STa, STb and LT toxins of ETEC strains isolated from piglets in Vietnam were highly homologous and stable.

– We have synthesized the recombinant gene (sls gene) which encoding recombinant enterotoxin fusion protein (STa – LTB –STb) and then, sls gene was inserted into pDrive and transformed into DH5α  E. coli strain.

– We have created E. coli BL21 strain which can express recombinant enterotoxin fusion protein.

– This is first time in Vietnam successfully produce recombinant subunit vaccine for preventing diarrheal disease in postweaning piglets cause by ETEC bacteria.